A Mother Holds Her Child’s Heart Birthstone Ring With Names

From the moment they are delivered to the world, children become our life, our love, our everything. To hold them close is an aspiration that is entwined with each heartbeat. Now, you can fully embrace those aspirations with A Mother Holds Her Child’s Heart Personalized Ring.

What is truly beautiful about this ring is that it is customized with up to 6 children’s engraved names and their matching crystal birthstones, to create a one-of-a-kind expression of a mother’s love for her family.

A Mother Holds Her Child's Heart Birthstone Ring With NamesPrice:$99.00 US



Exquisitely handcrafted and plated in gleaming sterling silver, this personalized women’s ring features a heart-shaped glass inlay with free-moving heart-shaped crystal birthstones floating inside (one for each child).

Running along the sides are the elegant engravings of the children’s names, complemented with the engraving inside the band: “A Mother Holds Her Child’s Heart Forever.”

Plus, the round disk in the center sparkles with a pave of clear crystals to provide a breathtaking framework for the heart-shaped window.

A meaningful way to keep each child close and a celebration of a mother’s love, it makes a heartwarming personalized jewelry gift for Mom.

  • Arrives in a custom gift box, perfect for safekeeping or presenting as a personalized jewelry gift for Mom
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Available in sizes 5 to 12 (includes half sizes)

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